The rebranding of AdEx Network has been announced.

Ambire is the new name of the company.

Ambire will concentrate on a DeFi-centric wallet instead of the current Ambire wallet.

After much anticipation, the AdEx Network has officially rebranded.
Ambire will be the company’s new name going forward.
This transition is accompanied by a change in emphasis.
As a result, Ambire’s services will now be centered on a DeFi wallet.

Ambire Wallet is a brand-new type of cryptocurrency wallet that will go on sale in the near future.
It will make DeFi more accessible to everyone by making it easier to use and more secure.
Decentralized ad network AdEx Network will become Ambire AdEx as a result of this change.

Ambire Wallet will be the name of the cryptocurrency wallet that the company is developing.
Ambire’s CEO and founder, Ivo Georgiev, takes a look back at the company’s history.

Back in 2017, when AdEx Network was formed, blockchain technology was still nascent, Ethereum had little acceptance, and things were moving at breakneck pace.
Only our decentralized ad platform was under development at the time.
After only four years, the industry has seen radical transformations.
We made a lot of progress over this period, so we decided it was time for a brand refresh to reflect our expansion as a business.

Since Ambire’s inception, the company’s technological development team has been focused on making crypto easier to use.
It is possible to pay transaction fees on Ethereum in the form of stablecoins rather than ETH. These are just a few ideas worth exploring.

Aspire and Strive” is the Italian word that inspired Ambire’s CMO, Vanina Ivanova, to give it the name.
As a result, over 16,000 advertisers and publishers have signed up since Ambire AdEx launched.

Ambire’s focus will begin to shift as a result of the company’s established user base.
It will become a DeFi-focused smart wallet instead.
With this device, anybody, everywhere will be able to access bitcoin and DeFi with simplicity and security.

Users who aren’t familiar with cryptocurrency or DeFi will be able to utilize the wallet as well.
Innovating features like automated gas management, one-click portfolio diversification, and military-grade security for hardware wallets will be available in Ambire Wallet.

The company is currently developing a crypto-enabled debit card.
As a result, its customers will be able to purchase cryptocurrency using cash in the near future.
In the same way, they may use their bitcoin to do normal business.


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