With its $54 billion purchase by Nvidia (NASDAQ:NVDA) Corp, the British chip technology firm Arm Ltd unveiled new tools on Monday targeted at reducing the development time for so-called “internet of things” linked devices by 40%.

Processors and hardware were created first, then prototypes were sent on to software developers to build code for the chips. This process lasted decades.

ARM announced new tools on Monday that it believes will allow chip and code developers to work on “internet of things” devices such as linked traffic lights and smart home appliances at the same time, saving two years on the normal five-year timetable for a new device’s development.

Many chipmakers in the electronics sector use the firm to produce physical chips from the underlying designs.

Instead of sending designs to chipmakers, Arm will instead provide cloud computing businesses like (NASDAQ:AMZN) with a “virtual” version, such as Amazon Web Services.

To help software developers create their code, these cloud data centers will simulate the chip’s circuitry. Meanwhile, chipmakers will be building an actual chip.

Instead of having test devices in “hardware farms,” Arm’s vice president for internet of things and embedded technologies told Reuters that now needs software developers to utilize test devices to fine-tune their code.

If all goes according to plan, Amazon will test the wake word “Alexa” on third-party-made gadgets using the new method.

“Over 150 distinct Alexa-enabled devices are supported by them.
They’d have to set up a hardware farm if this wasn’t available.
They can speed up upgrades by eliminating reliance on physical hardware “Awad made the statement.


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