In order to incorporate into the platform’s native social metaverse IMVU, Immutable X, the scaling solution for Immutable’s layer-2 NFT protocol, has signed a deal with Together Labs. In the game’s virtual environment, the collaboration will promote NFT production and distribution.

As with The Sims or Second Life, IMVU lets users create, inhabit, and interact with virtual environments in a blockchain-based simulation game.

IMVU boasts 200,000 active producers and 1 million daily active players and is backed by Silicon Valley business Together Labs, a technical architecture focusing on the social media experience with the application of crypto and all of its ecosystem components.

Tokens like as ERC-20 and ERC-721 may now be used in near-instant transactions with no gas costs and scaling capabilities that surpass the market average thanks to the inclusion of the StarkWare zk-Rollup in Immutable X’s NFT-centric blockchain protocol.

Robbie Ferguson, a co-founder of Immutable X, explained the additional possibilities that IMVU players would have when NFTs are introduced.

IMVU’s cooperation with us excites us. We are providing scalability to every IMVU metaverse user using Immutable X’s technology and allowing them to trade their NFTs effortlessly on Ethereum without having to worry about their assets’ security.”
Immutable launched a $60 million Series B fundraising round a few of weeks ago, with investors including Alameda Research and VaynerFund chipping in.. As a result of the success of Gods Unchained, the protocol is working to expand its NFT gaming enterprise.

Aside from that, they’ve made a commitment to follow environmentally friendly methods like using zero-knowledge proofs and buying carbon offsets to reduce their carbon footprint.

Players will be able to take part in in-game activities such as world building, avatar creation, socialising, purchasing collectibles, and transacting with the fiat-convertible stablecoin VCOIN with the assurance that carbon neutrality will be maintained thanks to the partnership with IMVU, as promised.


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